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chiropractic care during pregnancy, surrey

Pelvic Balance and Alignment, Nausea Control and a Healthier Pregnancy 

Chiropractic care is safe and beneficial throughout your pregnancy. There are many physiological and hormonal changes that occur in preparation for the developing baby. Pregnant women have to adapt to postural changes, pelvic changes and a protruding abdomen which increase the curvature of the lower back. These changes can result in misalignments of the joints of the spine and extremities.

Chiropractic care helps to establish pelvic balance and alignment. According to the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, women who receive chiropractic care throughout pregnancy to establish pelvic balance optimize the room a baby has for development throughout pregnancy. With a balanced pelvis, babies have a greater chance of moving into the correct position for birth. Other potential benefits from chiropractic care include: maintaining a healthier pregnancy, controlling symptoms of nausea, reducing the time of labour and delivery and help in relieving neck, back and joint pain.

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