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June 14th, 2019


Your mind and body are combined, and not separate entities. When one is not functioning as it should, the other may suffer, and vice versa. Knowing this, it makes perfect sense then that chiropractic care, and more specifically chiropractic treatments, are able to help with anxiety.

Chiropractic care focuses on the nerves that are in the neck, back and spine. The peripheral nerves connect together to the spinal cord, which is part of your central nervous system together with your brain. It makes sense then when something is not right with the spinal cord, it can affect other nervous system functioning, including mood.

Anxiety has many symptoms, including feeling in a daze, light headed or headache prone, breathing difficulty, issues with swallowing and so on - all symptoms that can be directly attributed to a nerve in your spine that may have unwanted pressure on it from a misaligned vertebrae. In fact, many anxiety medications are muscle relaxants, which and chiropractic treatments work to help muscles relax by returning proper blood flow and nerve innervation.

Chiropractic care could also help with anxiety caused by unexplained pain, or maybe fear of labour with pregnant women. By getting chiropractic care for these fears, you may find you anxiety is reduced as your body begins to feel better (or more prepared from labour).

While there is no guarantee that chiropractic care will in fact solve your anxiety, for many patients, they have found some relief. Give it a try, your body and mind will both thank you.

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